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The Los Angeles Times’ James Rainey

Thursday, February 11, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday I devoted most of the program to the issues raised by the launch of iBizReporting .com. That site is discussed in this post, and the audio of the show is posted there as well as it provoked so much response.

As part of that discussion I invited James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times on to the program as Rainey had written a column critical of I had prepared a list of questions for Rainey –who did you vote for, do you own a gun, are you pro-life etc– to center him in the audience’s mind. The list could have taken about a two minutes to complete, except Rainey simply refused for the most part to answer, substituting instead filibuster after filibuster, a practice that continued as we got deeper into the conversation.

The transcript of the conversation is here.

This conversation is another exhibit in the museum of dead or dying newspapers. Offered a chance to connect with an audience that almost certainly doesn’t read his paper much –not even in the Los Angeles market– Rainey instead telegraphs contempt for the program’s listeners while refusing to display any of the sort of transparency and objectivity that might have listeners seek him out via the web. Mark Steyn, who will lead off today’s show, has often remarked that American newspapers are horribly dull, and this sort of refusal to engage in a conversation about bias with anything approaching candor or transparency is just another example of the disease killing off newspapers –the deadly combination of insufferable arrogance and impenetrable dullness, wrapped up in lengthy, impossible-to-follow answers which are themselves long sidesteps of simple questions.

Or this could just be the spread of Obama disorder: the inability to answer any question in under five minutes and the accompanying delusion that people are interested in the specifics of the evasion.


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Why The Supreme Court’s Decision In Citiens United Came Just In Time

Thursday, February 11, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

See this Sacramento Bee story on how three independent expenditure committees will spend tens of millions to support Jerry Brown in his race against likely nominee Meg Whitman and Barbara Boxer in her attempt to survive the fall race against the GOP nominee.

This is union and special interest money, and it has always been in play, swamping the GOP candidates except for those few who could use their own resources like Whitman. Citizens United allows candidates who are not themselves wealthy at least a hope of support from corporations and wealthy individuals.

No wonder President Obama and the Congressional Democrats hate the decision so much. It was much easier when only the special interests they controlled could spend heavily in key races and states.


The New New Journalism

Wednesday, February 10, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A couple of days ago I told you about iBusinessReporting,, where investigative journalism of corporate America had gone private and would be built on the profits of short selling publicly traded companies the reporters believed to have gone astray.

iBizReporting is led by my friend Bill Lobdell and his colleague, Barry Minkow –yes, that Barry Minkow. ZZZ Best Barry. (I will try and have Lobdell and Minkow on today’s show.)


Today Los Angeles Times’ media columnist James Rainey predictably wrings his hands. “Oh dear, oh dear, what will the people at the Poynter Institute say?” is the short version. The ghosts of journalism past are aghast at the idea of funding investigations through short selling.

You can read my interview with James Rainey here.

What matters of course is whether Lobdell and Minkow get their stories right and uncover investor fraud or corporate puffing. Their story and credibility depends on their performance.

The Times’ reaction, channeled through Rainey, is another death rattle from a print media that didn’t monitor its slide into hopeless bias and irrelevance as it threw away credibility by staffing newsrooms with 95% liberal-left activists and then wondering why no one cared what they thought. From environmental activists covering land development, to pro-choicers covering abortion controversies, and hard hard left ideologues covering politics, the Times represented the worst in media bias, and its shell-of-itself that staggers on through bankruptcy is proof not of new media’s ravages on the work product of the old, but of the arrogance of unchallenged elites unaware of the world around them.

Now if we can only find some new new journalists to cover presidential candidates so the next John Edwards doesn’t elude the MSM for a year. Oh, that’s right, we already have the National Enquirer, running circles around the and their east coast betters.


Dear Anthem Blue Cross

Wednesday, February 10, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Torquemada-in-his-own-mind, Henry Waxman, has summoned executives from Anthem Blue Cross (“ABC”) to explain themselves before his House committee.

Please, ABC execs, push back. Hard. Start by explaining how many people you employ and how many jobs are imperiled by the continued fecklessness of the hard left social engineers running D.C. these days.

Then talk about the bills you receive and have to pay, how many claims you promptly dispatch and how many more are paid after review.

Defend the industry that has helped build the greatest health care delivery system in the world.

Waxman et al have no idea of the seething contempt in which they are held beyond the Beltway. Their reputation is even lower than that of your industry. You have been their whipping boy for the past year, and your D.C. lobbyists have urged you to cooperate every step of the way towards oblivion.

Why not defend yourselves, and by doing so, our medical delivery system. Flawed as it might be and as screwed up as some in your industry are, there is no desire in the land to turn your job over to Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi.


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