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Why Doesn’t D.C. Get It?

Saturday, September 19, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A commentary from the Christian Science Monitor from Em Powers Hunter.

Day three of a trip to Colorado, and after a town hall debate with a proponent of Obamacare, a speech to business folks, a visit to Colorado Christian University for the school’s annual gala and campaign events with Tom Lucero who is working to take back a GOP seat in Colorado’s 4rth Congressional District —and you can help in this important race via an online contribution— I can pretty safely say that if Obamacare passes it will be over the deep-seated and widely-held opposition of a very solid majority of Americans.

There are some special interest groups supporting Obamacare, of course, and the president and his Congressional allies are doing their best to cover their plummeting support for the legislative train wreck, but the sort of sustained and passionate opposition anyone who asks finds in very different audiences –with almost no countervailing opinions– isn’t the product of selective sampling but a reflection of a general, broad consensus that Obamacare is a bust.

Democrats proceed at their political peril. As Powers’ commentary suggests, Beltway contempt for the opinions and lifestyles of ordinary Americans is very real, but it is usually much better disguised than a jam down of Obamacare would display.

Your thoughts are welcome at the Hughniverse.

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“Obamacare Is To Medicare What ACORN Is To Child Protective Services”

Friday, September 18, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I debated University of Colorado Law School Professor Paul Campos on the subject of health care reform last night before an audience of more than 600 in a hot Denver high school auditorium. My title line for this post is the line that got the most audience reaction, and that is because it makes a very important point about the president’s plans for deep cuts in Medicare in a way that also reminded the audience of the incredible credibility gap that has developed in the debate over health care reform around not just the president and the Democratic Congress but also the MSM because of the now established record of MSM’s unwillingness to relay true facts and to ask tough questions such as “Specifically, where will the medicare cuts be made and how much will the costs of Medicare Advantage increase?”.

The president has abandoned his “guarantees” that the currently covered can keep their insurance and their doctors. He has dramatically lowered his estimate of the number of uninsured. He has been embarrassed by the fact that he used a false story of insurance denial leading to death in his big speech to Congress last week.

In summary, the president has had to change his arguments, abandon his statistics, and repudiate his anecdotes. Why would anyone believe his assurances, his estimates or his projections, especially about Medicare, given this record of shifting stories and stats?

The collapse of the president’s credibility on Obamacare has been accelerated by the ongoing and exploding scandal about ACORN, a group with which he is and will remain closely identified. The president of course is not responsible for the individuals whose criminality has been captured on tape these past two weeks, but if this is the sort of organization he has represented in the past and which is part of his core alliance of activists. What does that tell voters about the reliability of the rest of the president’s core coalition?

At a minimum this all adds up to red lights and sirens for the nation’s seniors, who know or should know that they are the big target for Obamacare “savings” –which means huge hikes in the cost of Medicare Advantage or huge cuts in available benefits, or both. Seniors especially have to hit the phones to the Blue Dog Democrats —their numbers are listed here and below– and dial again and again and warn these Democrats that they will be retired in 14 months if they push through Obamacare.

Off to a couple of events for Tom Lucero, one of the Republicans who is poised to help take back the Congress in 2010 by beating Democrat Betsy Markey in Colorado’s 4rth Congressional District. If you’d like to help Tom, you can contribute via Lucero2010.

For your convenience, here’s the contact info for key Democrats:

The Blue Dogs:


Rep. Bobby Bright-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2901

District Phone: Dothan (334) 794-9680; Montgomery (334) 277-9113; Opp (334) 493-9253

Link to E-mail:[# More #]

Rep. Parker Griffith-5th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4801

District Phone: Huntsville (256) 551-0190; Decatur (256) 355-9400; Shoals (256) 381-3450

Link to E-mail:,7


Rep. Marion Berry-1st District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4076

District Phone: Jonesboro (870) 972-4600; Cabot (501) 843-4955; Mountain Home (870) 425-3510

Link to E-Mail:

Rep. Mike Ross-4th District

DC Phone: 1-800-223-2220

District Phone: El Dorado (870) 881-0681; Hot Springs (501) 520-5892; Pine Bluff (870) 536-3376; Prescott (870) 887-6787

Link to E-mail:,77


Rep. Harry Mitchell-5th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2190

District Phone: (480) 946-2411

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords-8th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2542

District Phone: Tucson (520) 881-3588; Cochise (520) 459-3115

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Mike Thompson-1st District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3311

District Phone: Napa (707) 226-9898; Humboldt (707) 269-9595; Mendocino (707) 962-0933; Yolo (530) 662-5272

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Dennis Cardoza-18th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6131

District Phone: Merced (209) 383-4455; (209) 527-1914; Stockton (209) 946-0361

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Jim Costa-20th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-9308

District Phone: Fresno (559) 495-1620; Bakersfield (661) 869-1620

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Loretta Sanchez-29th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2965

District Phone: (714) 621-0102

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Jane Harman-36th District

DC Phone: (202) 225 8220

District Phone: El Segundo (310) 643 3636; Wilmington (310) 549 8282

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Joe Baca-43rd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6161

District Phone: (909) 885-2222

Link to E-mail:


Rep. John Salazar-3rd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4761

District Phone: Grand Junction (970) 245-7107; Pueblo (719) 543-8200; Durango (970) 259-1012; Alamosa (719) 587-5105

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Allen Boyd-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-5235

District Phone: Tallahassee (850) 561-3979; Panama City (850) 785-0812

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Sanford Bishop-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3631

District Phone: Albany (229) 439-8067; Colombus (706) 320-9477; Thomasville (229) 226-7789

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Jim Marshall-3rd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6531

District Phone: Macon (478) 464-0255; Dublin (478) 296-2023; Tifton (229) 556-7418

Link to E-mail:

Rep. John Barrow-12th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2823

District Phone: Augusta (706) 722-4494; Sandersville (478) 553-9215; Savannah (912) 354-7282

Link to E-mail:

Rep. David Scott- 13th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2939

District Phone: Jonesboro (770) 210-5073; Smyrna (770) 432-5405

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Leonard Boswell-3rd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3806

District Phone: (515) 282-1909

Link to E-mail:,81


Rep. Walt Minnick-1st District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6611

District Phone: Meridian (208) 888-3188; Lewiston (208) 743-1388; Couer d’Alene (208) 667-0127

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Joe Donnelly-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3915

District Phone: South Bend (574) 288-2780; Logansport (574) 753-2671; La Porte (219) 326-6808; Michigan City (219) 873-1403

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Brad Ellsworth-8th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4636

District Phone: Evansville (812) 465-6484; Terre Haute (812) 232-0523

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Baron Hill (Co-Chair for Policy)-9th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-5315

District Phone: Jeffersonville (812) 288-3999; Bloomington (812)336-3000

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Dennis Moore-3rd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2865

District Phone: Overland Park (913) 383-2013; Kansas City (913) 621-0832; Lawrence (785) 842-9313

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Ben Chandler-6th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4706

District Phone: (859) 219-1366

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Charlie Melancon (Co-Chair for Communications)-3rd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4031

District Phone: Houma (985) 876-3033; Chalmette (504) 271-1707; Gonzales (225) 621-8490; New Iberia (337) 367-8231

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Frank Jr. Kratovil-1st District

DC Phone: (202) 225-5311

District Phone: Centreville (443) 262 -9136

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Mike Michaud-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2943

District Phone: Bangor (207) 942-6935; Lewiston (207) 782-3704; Presque Isle (207) 764-1036; Waterville (207) 873-5713

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Collin Peterson-7th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2165

District Phone: Detroit Lakes (218) 847-5056; Marshall (507) 537-2299; Montevideo (320) 235-1061; Red Lake Falls (218) 253-4356; Redwood Falls (507) 637-2270; Willmar (320) 235-1061

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Travis Childers-1st Districts

DC Phone: (202) 225-4306

District Phone: Tupelo (662) 841-8808; Hernando (662) 449-3090; Colombus (662) 327-0748

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Gene Taylor-4th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-5772

District Phone: Bay St. Louis (228) 469-9235; Ocean Springs (228) 872-7950; Hattiesburg (601) 582-3246; Laurel (601) 425-3905

Link to E-mail:

North Carolina

Rep. Mike McIntyre-7th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2731

District Phone: Lumberton (910) 735-0610; Fayetteville (910) 323-0260; Wilmington (910) 815-4959; Bolivia (910)-253-0158

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Heath Shuler (Whip)-11th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6401

District Phone: Asheville (828) 252-1651; Murphy (828) 835-4981; Sylva (828) 586-1962

Link to E-mail:

North Dakota

Rep. Earl Pomeroy

DC Phone: (202) 225-2611

District Phone: Bismarck (701) 224-0355; Fargo (701) 235-9760

Link to E-mail:

New York

Rep. Mike Arcuri-24th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3665

District Phone: Utica (315) 793-8146/8147; Auburn (315) 252-2777/2778; Cortland (607) 756-2470

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Charles Wilson-6th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-5705

District Phone: Canfield (330) 533-7250; Marietta (740) 376-0868; Bridgeport (740) 633-5705; Ironton (740) 533-9423; Wellsville (330) 532-3740

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Zack Space-18th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6265

District Phone: Dover (330) 364-4300; Zanesville (740) 452-6338; Chillicothe (740) 779-1636

Link to E-mail:,61


Rep. Dan Boren-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2701

District Phone: Muskogee (918) 687-2533; Claremont (918) 341-9336; McAlester (918) 423-5951

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Jason Altmire-4th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-2565

District Phone: Aliquippa (724) 378-0928; Natrona (724) 226-1304

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Patrick Murphy-8th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4276

District Phone: Bristol (215) 826-1963; Doylestown (215) 348-1194

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Christopher Carney-10th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3731

District Phone: Clarks Summit (570) 585-9988; Shamokin (570) 644-1682; Williamsport (570) 327-1902

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Tim Holden-17th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-5546

District Phone: Berks (610) 921-3502; Dauphin/Perry (717) 234-5904; Lebanon (717) 270-1395; Schuylkill (570) 622-4212

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Lincoln Davis-4th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-6831

District Phone: Columbia (931) 490-8699; Jamestown (931) 879-2361; McMinnville (931) 473-7259; Rockwood (865) 354-3323

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Jim Cooper-5th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4311

District Phone: Nashville (615) 736-5295

Link to E-mail:

Rep. Bart Gordon-6th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4231

District Phone: Murfreesboro (615) 896-1986; Cookeville (931) 528-5907; Gallatin (615) 451-5174

Link to E-mail:

Rep. John Tanner-8th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4714

District Phone: Union City (731) 885-7070; Jackson (731) 423-4848; Millington (901) 873-5690

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Henry Cuellar-28th District

DC Phone: (202) 225-1640

District Phone: Laredo (956) 725-0639; McAllen (956) 631-4826; Rio Grande City (956) 487-5603; San Antonio (210) 271-2851; Seguin (830) 401-0457

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Jim Matheson-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-3011

District Phone: South Salt Lake (801) 486-1236; St. George (435) 627-0880;

Link to E-mail:


Rep. Glenn Nye-2nd District

DC Phone: (202) 225-4215

District Phone: Hampton (757) 326-6201; Eastern (757) 789-5092

Link to E-mail:,7

“The Death of Conservatism” and the Death of Seniors, ACORN, and Obamacare. And Questions For Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Off to Denver for a health care debate tonight with University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos and a couple of fundraisers for my pal Tom Lucero, who is running to get back the 4rth District Congressional seat from Democrat Betsy Markey.

The second and third hours of today’s program will be an interview of New York Times Book Review editor Sam Tanenhuas about his new book, The Death of Conservatism.

The Death of Conservatism

The book has sparked some tough reviews from conservatives such as John Podhoretz and Peter Wehner, but it needs to be read and replied to head-on, especially its assertions about the collapse of the intellectual force of conservatism. The transcript of our conversation will be posted here later today and the podcast here.

I am opening a thread at the Hughniverse on the interview as well.

Don’t miss the transcript of my conversation with Senator Jon Kyl in which he bluntly states about the various versions of Obamacare that “Senior citizens ought to be extraordinarily fearful of all three of these bills….Seniors should be deathly afraid, and I use that phrase advisedly.” Defenders of Obamacare routinely object to such language as scare tactics, and I routinely reply that seniors should be very sacred of Obamacare –it will dramatically reduce the benefits of medicare while raising the costs of Medicare Advantage. Seniors especially should be using this link to get the key list to call and demand Congressional Democrats and the president stop their assault on older Americans. Print off some copies of the list and give them to your friends, especially those who are internet-challenged.

Seniors and everyone else fearing Obamacare should also be contributing to the and the –the most effective way of sending an unmistakable message to Congressional Democrats that their jobs are in peril if Obamacare passes –even if they engineer a face-saving “no” vote for themselves. Democratic senators who vote either for cloture or who support the use of reconciliation to jam down a bill will also figure out that the public is now so well wired that those ruses won’t protect them from voters angry with their complicity in passing Obamcare.

Finally, after last night’s San Diego ACORN tape, the idea that the organization can investigate itself should be risible. At this point its brand is permanent, and the only question is how much damage it will do to other Democrats. Right now New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and California Attorney General Jerry Brown are in the hot seat: Will they do nothing while this obvious scandal goes uninvestigated int heir states? will no doubt have more tonight, but if MSM needs some remedial journalism lessons, they might want to ask the two highest profile law enforcement officials outside of the DOJ what, if anything, they are going to do about the ACORN hustlers in their states.

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