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Overweight Kids

Tuesday, May 20, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post has an article on the skyrocketing rate of child obesity.

Stanford Medical School has a research effort underway at the Center for Healthy Weight if the issue interests you.

Here is one of their research papers.

I have been a member of the Orange County Children and Families Commission for many years, and the Commission is investing a lot of money in an aquatics center in Santa Ana, California in an effort to introduce a swimming/water polo culture in a community with limited sports facilities and a growing childhood obesity problem. The facility will also have an obesity prevention clinic in the building. The theory is pretty simple: You don’t see a lot of overweight kids on swim teams and water polo clubs. The habits that produce fitness require family support and the opportunity to exercise in a safe environment. Pools provide the greatest number of kids the greatest opportunity to train and to compete, and few sports are as much fun and as inexpensive to run –after the construction of the facilities– as water polo. “Life is a habit,” one of my coach friends likes to say. The answer to childhood obesity is the introduction of habits that produce fitness.

If your business/corporation would like to be involved with this effort, drop me a note at

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