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“Out of Africa?”

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In today’s “conversation” over the web, Hillary declared among many things that (1) “We have got to do more, look for alternatives. I support all kinds of ethanol. I support looking at the solar and geothermal,l and certainly trying to do more on hyrdrogen which are longer term goals.  I think we have to do more on conservation and energy efficiency.  I really am impressed with what California has done over thirty years, because they have imposed conservation and energy efficiency standards,  and they have kept flat their energy use, and the rest of the country has just unfortunately continued to use more and more energy.” (2) Asked about her favorite movie, she replied in part: “Probably when I was in college and law school, Casablanca.  You know, I watched it,  I don’t know how many times, and you know it was always so just much fun, and by the time we watched it over and over again we were actually reciting the dialogue,” and (3) that her favorite movie from recent years was “Out of Africa.”

I think number 1 must be a reference to the NRDC’s electricity consumption per capita statistic as even cursory review of basic facts leave this stunner way out there.   In 1980, California’s 24 million people used 17 million vehicles.  Today California has more than 35 million people and they use more than 23.4 million vehicles.  If Mrs. Clinton is going to get ready for prime time, she’ll have to do better than vague references to unspecified measurements.  And she may want to check California’s average temperatures against those in the rest of the country for the secret decoder key to California’s relatively low per capita electricity consumption.

Then there is her Al Gore-like summoning up of her days in college and law school watching Casablanca.  Mrs. Clinton graduated from Wellesley in 1969 and Yale Law School in 1973.  Perhaps  Betamax machines and VCRs made an early appearance at those campuses, or there was a  film theater nearby that showed nothing but Casablanca, but the idea that she watched it “over and over again,” is one of those “hmmm” moments that catch your attention, like Al Gore’s dog’s Shiloh’s medicine or John Kerry’s magic hat.

Finally, the “Out of Africa” reference may lose her the election.  Really.  That’s frightening. 

UPDATEAn “Anybody But Hillary” bumpertsicker is available shortly from 99.1 in Carson City, Nevada.


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