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OSU v. Texas Hurricane Relief

Wednesday, September 7, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

It is sad that many have decided to make an issue of the obvious college football superiority of the Buckeyes over the Longhorns, especially in this season of kind feelings towards the huge heart of Texas. Heart aside though, while the Longhorns could romp over USC, this is Ohio State we are talking about, not Tommy Trojan. And the game is in Columbus!

But to make the trouncing of Texas less painful to the Lone Star citizens, I have decided to use the game to good ends. I have bet one delusional Texas fan $100 of relief donation to the charity of his choice or my choice depending on the game’s victor. I do feel a bit bad as this really isn’t much of a risk for me. May I suggest other similarly deluded Lonhorn lovers e-mail me their willingness to wager, and Buckeye fans their willingness to match. I am told bookies keep the action even on both sides, so I’ll try and keep a running total.

BTW: Way to go Babalu Blog, though I suspect you are not Irish.

And here’s a great e-mail:


We have created a measage board for people to post what they wish to donate.

You can check that out. We also created a ‘latest update’

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