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Orson Scott Card

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Orson Scott Card is a novelist, a Democrat, a Mormon, and the author of one of the best reviews a book of mine has ever received –serious, thorough, well-written and appreciative.  Key concluding graphs:

On the Republican side, I’m looking long and hard at Giuliani. McCain, on the other hand, is so volatile, so unreliable, so self-serving that despite his noble war record and his ironclad stance on the need to win the War on Terror, I would have a hard time choosing him over anybody but Hillary.

In short, I’m still making up my mind.

Hugh Hewitt takes the same position. He remembers too well how candidates can self-destruct, or how strong candidates can come out of nowhere.

He also knows how effective the anti-Mormon thing can be. Ted Kennedy ran an anti-Mormon campaign against Mitt Romney when Romney opposed him for the Senate a decade ago. And it worked … that time.

So Hewitt isn’t saying Mitt Romney should be the Republican nominee. What he is saying is that Republicans would be six kinds of stupid if they ruled him out solely because of his religious faith.

Let me ask you Republicans who would consider yourselves moral conservatives: Would you really let a person’s religious beliefs absolutely disqualify him from the Presidency?

And if you’re leaning that way, think about this: If it was a choice between a moral conservative and decent person like Mitt Romney, who happens to be a Mormon, and Hillary Clinton, would you really sit out the election rather than cast your vote for a Mormon?

Read Hugh Hewitt’s book — he does a great job of treating Mitt Romney’s candidacy fairly and objectively. Since he’s not a Mormon, he doesn’t have any agenda for or against my church. He just wants a good conservative to win the 2008 election, and he thinks Mitt Romney should be given a fair shot to persuade voters that he’s the President for our time.

And you might also check out a website called “Article VI Blog.” Run by two guys, one a Mormon, one an evangelical, the site deals head-on with issues concerning Mitt Romney’s candidacy. You can find it at:

Meanwhile, I have only one bit of advice for Mitt Romney — advice I would have given George W. Bush (and any other moral conservative), if he’d only bothered to ask me.

Don’t go on the Letterman show. It’s enemy territory. It just gives Letterman footage to use against you for the rest of your life.

Over at Article VI Blog, they have some afterthoughts on my interview of Erick Erickson yesterday, the transcript of which is here.


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