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Saturday, September 24, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I have posted a new question over at

The content of the participants’ posts is everything I had hoped for and expected, and we are working out the format. I am still in need of a liberal protestant who would like to join the other center-to-right theologians and scholars at work on the blog.


approves of the approach. But an e-mail from a reader forwarded me her pastor’s response to my search for a liberal theologian:

Hi J_,

Thanks for sending me this link. Interesting premise he has for this Blog. The “One True God Blog” is a bit difficult though J_. It is in mainstream church conversation a bit of a “shock” phrase and for many of us — and truly, many of my liberal friends would not consider me all that much of a liberal— that phrase “One True God” is a code word for judgemental, exclusive, religion. Wars done in support of Jesus Christ– the crusades for instance. Fighting about issues of religion and government — which are interesting, but in a world where religion is used by oppressive regimes to bring forth their agendas, its hard to want to engage with this type of image. I hope this makes sense. I would urge you to look at a couple of “liberal” Blogs and see if they might be interested in engaging in this conversation.
Thanks J_ and I look forward to talking soon.


OneClearCall posts before the OneTrueGodBlog participants get out of the blocks.


Mark Daniels has more. As does the Baroness.

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