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One Of The Star Tribune’s Bright Lights…

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Jim Boyd, the Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, who brought new weight to the term dead wood, is taking the money and running, but making sure that he hurts the Strib as he goes out the door:

“They ordained that we would have a conservative of the day. I’ve got to tell you, you run out of good ones real quick,” he said. “You’ve got Steve Chapman, whom I really like, who’s a libertarian and a good guy. So you didn’t mind running him, but you kind of held your nose when you ran Mona Charon or Debra Saunders. I mean, good grief. Jonah Goldberg? Finally, we were able to get rid of that bugger. That’s my point: Avista is much less of a micromanaging outfit than McClatchy was.”

More from Scott Johnson at Powerline.

If, as I hope happens, the Strib wakes up and keeps Lileks as its online anchor and Jim Boyd disappears into well-deserved obscurity, what will that tell us about the talents of the two?

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey adds:

Boyd talks about how he wants to see the Strib turned into a community-owned non-profit. Some would say that Boyd accounts for the current de facto non-profit status of the Strib, and his departure may actually improve the paper’s performance. Had he really wanted to make the paper decline in value to the point where it could become community owned, Boyd should have remained on board to chase out the remaining subscribers of the worst major metropolitan newspaper in America.

It is one thing to be a lefty with talent and tenure like Eric Black, another Strib lifer. 

But Boyd had tenure and no talent, or courage for that matter, or anything approaching any of the journalistic virtues like curiosity, good humor or style.  An apparatchik of of the DFL, utterly incapable of a persuasive argument and unwilling to ever engage those who called him on his repeated errors of fact and explosions of wrath.  A small man, in short, who is going out with spleen, not a splash.


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