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One Interview And One Debate

Wednesday, May 2, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday’s program featured an hour-long interview of military historian and classicist Victor Davis Hanson  –my attempt to have a comprehensive conversation about where we are in the global war with the jihadists with an expert on the history of war.  You can read it here or listen to it here.

Yesterdays program also included a debate over the partial birth abortion decision between my colleague at Chapman Law School, Professor John Eastman, and John’s old professor, Professor Geoffrey Stone of the University of Chicago Law School.  You can read the discussion here or listen to it here.  Proferssor Stone’s controversial post on the decision raising the issue of whether the five member majority applied their religion rather than the law is here.  My first interview with Professor Stone on the subject is here.

Only talk radio’s extended format allows for such interviews and debates.  Charlie Rose is the only place on the television dial where you’ll find an extended conversation with a single expert/author or a longer debate over a crucial issue.  The News Hour’s longer segments are still rush jobs compared to the complexity of the issues on the table.  Most of public discussion of crucial issues is based on the Meet The Press model which rarely if ever does other than talk to “newsmakers” whose goal is to get a single message out and not get caught in a gaff. 

The MSM has given up on trying to explain complicated issues.  Tal radio hasn’t.

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