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On The Decline Of The Times

Wednesday, November 21, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The American Thinker’s Andrew Sumereau highlights the (very unintentional) hilarity of the Los Angeles Times’ recent lecture of Pope Benedict.

Who in the world writes this stuff at the paper?  Here is Benedict, a world-historical figure with his extraordinary intelligence trained on the future not just of the Church he shepherds but the world he is called to help save, being lectured on how to do conduct his calling by a group of low-talent, no-name, burnt-out tenureds at a dying institution that cannot convert monopoly into market share.  As Sumereau puts it:

The two thousand year history of a church, which began amidst Roman Emperors and has seen every political system, economic system, culture, geography, and condition under the sun, continues to unfold. Meanwhile the Los Angeles Times marks a century and a quarter this year, and anxiously wonders about its future prospects.
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