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On Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel Tonight, Speaking To The House GOP Retreat Tomorrow

Friday, January 29, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Carol Platt Liebau fills in for me today as I make an east coast swing. Landing at Kennedy after a red-eye when the temp is barely above 0 is a good reminder why California still has great appeal even with a collapsing economy and the worst state legislature in the land.

One of the topics scheduled for Sean’s Great American Panel tonight is the left’s attempt to censor Tim Tebow’s pro-life message. Good for CBS for resisting the latest effort by the left to not win an argument or participate in a debate but to shut either down. Tebow is an inspiring figure and a hero especially to millions of young people. It is a wonderful thing that he wants to celebrate life along with his mom. Only the abortion absolutists could see an occasion for censorship here.

Or sports writers straying from their appointed beats. Whenever that happens, it almost always ends badly for the writer (unless it is the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Terry Pluto), as it does in this column for Rick Telander, who seems to think that many if not most Americans would be horrified by non-Christian athletes expressing their faith. For most Americans, religious toleration is a deeply embedded practice and a civic virtue. If non-Christian athletes discuss or display their faith, I doubt very much it would be an occasion of controversy, unless the message was intentionally controversial. Even if it was, most of the public would defend their right to their own beliefs.

Most people of faith are strong proponents of religious liberty because they are very acquainted with the stories of religious persecution in almost every other part of the globe. The answer to religious intolerance is more religious speech welcomed by free and open societies, not the censorship of small minded secularists. Bravo to Tebow and his mom, and to those who support his witness. Those who oppose it have no faith in freedom and especially not in the First Amendment, both in its protections for religious belief and for free expression.


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