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Old Media Congressmen

Monday, February 12, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the Post’s stage-setter on the House debate on the war:

And nearly everyone wants to talk in time to make the evening news and beat the daily newspapers’ deadlines.

What is remarkable is the apparent deep misunderstanding among House members of the media’s evolution over the past half dozen years.  And of the ability to change public opinion via a House debate.  Or of the relevance of a February 2007 debate to a November 2008 election.  Or of the vastly decayed “reach” of the network news or the unread papers.  House members eager to perform for their constituencies had better have new media strategies lined up.

The debate this week matters in political terms only to the two parties’ core supporters.  The fever swamp wants the Democrats to denounce, condemn and commit to retreat.  The GOP wants its members to stand behind the troops, against the enemy and for victory.  The only political price to be paid today through Friday will be by those Members on either side who bolt their caucuses.

Unfortunately the enemy will be watching as well, and they will have a week’s worth of evidence that the American commitment to victory is thin indeed though not yet broken.

For more, see (and register) at The Victory Caucus.

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