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“Off hand, I cannot recall reading an opinion as conclusory and content free as the key portions of this opinion.”

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Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff takes a look at yesterday’s District Court decision.

The DOJ should find a way to post prominently all papers related to the stay proceedings and the appeals process.

And GOP candidates everywhere should stress the effects of Jimmy Carter through the years, and the future effects of Ned Lamont and Jon Tester and the rest of the KosKidsCandidates on the Senate confirmation process if any of them fool enough of the people in November.

If you are amazed by this decision, visit the Senate campaign websites of Tom Kean in New JerseyMark Kennedy in Minnesota, Michael Steele in Maryland and Mike McGavick in Washington State and contribute to their victories.  These four challengeres are all making excellent runs at Democratic seats, and the best defense in November against more absurd opinions doing more damage to the national security is keeping the Senate Judiciary Committee in control of the GOP.

Newsbusters has a fine review of MSM’s “treatment” of the District Court’s opinion.  What will be very interesting to watch will be the reaction to decisions concerning the stay by the Sixth Circuit and the eventual reversal of the jduge’s ruling.  The upside of yesterday’s ruling –beyond the very clear political advantage it bestows on GOP candidates willing to point out that the Ned Lamont Democrats now in control of the party are cheering the blinding of our intelligence gathering– is that the public will get a very good lesson in the Constitutional powers provided the president in wartime. Whether the MSM will be as willing to trumpet the next few decisions on this matter as loudly as they did yesterday’s decision remains to be seen.

BTW:  In case you think the laughing that has greeted the opinion is simply conservatives putting on their blinders, I give you DailyKos diarist Categorically Imperative’s analysis “Today’s NSA ruling: poorly reasoned and totally unhelpful,”which concludes:

Given that today’s decision is certain to be appealed to the Sixth Circuit (and then the Supreme Court, though the latter may decline to review the case), today’s opinion should not be of much comfort to opponents of the NSA’s program. Its conclusory nature and its failure to address in detail the arguments for and against the program will simply lead to confusion and perhaps even full-scale relitigation of the issues on appeal. More damagingly, today’s opinion has left ample room for attack by supporters of the NSA program, if and when they move beyond character assassination of Judge Taylor.

This lefty understands how weak the judge’s opinion, and also provides the excellent advice on avoiding personal attacks on a long serving, honorable federal judge.  As AG Gonzales pointed out yesterday, the government “respectfully disagrees.”  So should critics of the opinion.  Judge Taylor is wrong, not rotten. 



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