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Of Course It Is The Obama Economy

Thursday, September 22, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza writes about the new Gallup Poll showing a majority of Americans blaming President Obama for the economic stall-out we are living through.

The number of people tasking the president with responsibility for the double-dip will only grow as Obamacare rolls out and premiums rise while the uninsured remain uninsured, and as stories like Boeing and Gibson become one word reminders of Team Obama’s approach to job creation.

Andrew Sullivan also correctly noted yesterday that there is another huge reason why the president is being blamed.

“I think the explanation is simple enough: Obama gave the impression that the recovery was happening – and then it stalled,” Sullivan posted. “He’s being held responsible for the stalling (even though Fukushima and the Euro implosion were hardly his fault). This is fair enough.”

The president’s decision to gallup left, and then farther left still makes the economy his and his alone as the election cycle begins. His pratfall of a speech, his inane “pass the bill” chant, and his attack on job creators via the “Buffett tax” have cemented his image as an out-of-touch, inexperience and incompetent ideologue. Even if the unemployment rate ticks down in the next year, he is running for re-election as the greatest jobs destroyer in modern times. He will long for Gallup numbers like these before this cycle concludes.

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