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Objectivity and Humility

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If you did not listen to the Hillsdale Dialogue hour this morning, here’s a Hughniverse link, and I will tell you that this one hour alone is worth the cost of a Hughniverse subscription for the year.  It was part one of a two part pre-recorded interview the vacationing host did with Victor Davis Hanson.  In the context of discussing the FBI “investigation” of Trump, between 12:40 and 15:30 they discuss the motivations of the president’s FBI protagonists.  The host analogizes them to the gambler, facing a very bad run, that keeps doubling down.  The analogy seems a right one, but somehow defies the people it is applied to.

To reach the highest positions in the FBI one is deeply trained in objectivity.  The job is to evaluate the evidence and make decisions.  The losing gambler is not being objective.  They are ignoring the odds, which in the case of gamnbling is the evidence, and playing a hunch.  The losing gambler assumes that their particular skill and/or luck will overcome the odds.  That is to say their ego is ahead of the facts.  The same could be said about James Comey, et. al. regarding President Trump.  Despite their extensive training on objectivity they staked their own egos ahead of the evident reality.  Having thought about it this way, it seems apparent that true objectivity also requires humility.

VDH and the host close that hour with a discussion of the condescension that is so evident in so much that the left has, or is attempting to, foist upon us.  Such condescension is naturally born of tremendous egos and as such can go a long way towards explaining their embrace of death and things as patently untenable as the Green New Deal.  Without the requisite humility they are unable to muster the necessary objectivity to see these things for what they truly are.  They also talked about the nations cultural divide and how people in one cultural strata do not have clue about the other – nor do they want to.  The lack of desire is, again, about ego – a lack of humility.  That lack of humility robs them of true objectivity about  the state of the nation.

This observation speaks volumes about the deep political divides in our nation.

The lack of humility in our political divides should be obvious to any observer.  But it runs much deeper than simply the “I’m right, you’re wrong” nonsense seen daily on Twitter.  People’s seeming absolutist stances are not born just directly from their egos.  These is an indirect element as well.  By virtue of those egos they only ever consider part of the picture, but have convinced themselves they are in complete command of all pertinent information – all the evidence.  They are not simply standing pat, they have convinced themselves they are holding a winning hand.  No wonder the Left appears to be going “all in.”

As with so many tings, the Bible seems to have gotten there before us.  “Claiming to be wise, they became fools,….”

I recently ran across a story out of Florida:

A Florida teacher was fired for giving zeroes to students who didn’t turn in their homework. School policy says that the lowest grade teachers can give is 50 percent.

Now stop and think about that for a minute.  A student did literally no work, but the school requires they be given a grade that says they did half the work.  Another article on the matter quotes the teacher:

“We’re creating monsters out of our children,” she added. “We give them too much.. people that experience that kind of childhood then that’s what you want, you’re entitled for the rest of your life”

Boy, ain’t that the truth.  This apparently all stems from parental complaints that don’t want their kids to feel like complete failures.  No wonder people do not look beyond their own immediate surroundings to find out how the “other half’ lives.  Nothing teaches humility like a little actual failure.

Science fiction, futurists, and others that look forward have always imagined a future for mankind that moved towards objectivity and thus greater scientific achievement and thus greater prosperity for all.  Instead we are experiencing just the opposite.  As technology continues to accelerate forward we do not seem to be moving towards greater prosperity for all.  I think that is because we have failed to teach our children genuine humility by preventing them from failing.  Without humility they cannot be truly objective and they are thus robbed of the promises of the future.

That is a high price to pay to “feel good about yourself” in the moment.


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