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“Obama’s Rezko Connection”

Wednesday, April 16, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post discovers Tony Rezko, but neglects to note that Rezko is Obama’s financier and neighbor.

Really, not mentioning the house deal and the question of where Mrs. Rezko got the money to help the Obama’s purchase their home by buying the empty lot next to it at the same time the Obamas bought the home is journalistic malpractice, especially in a column titled “fact-checker” that includes this summary graph:

While acknowledging his friendship with Rezko, Obama has minimized their social dealings. Interviewed last month by the Chicago Tribune, he said that he and Rezko met for breakfast or lunch infrequently. He said that he attended a fundraising event at Rezko’s home in Wilmette in 2003, but made no mention of the April 2004 party for Auchi.

Is it possible that the reporter, Michael Dobbs, doesn’t know about the house deal? Or that it doesn’t inform the reader about the facts of the Rezko-Obama partnership?

Which would be worse: Not knowing, or not thinking it important enough to mention?

Rezko is Obama’s Abramoff, but MSM is blocking for Obama, as this “fact-checker” column demonstrates.

Stick with for all the news of Tony and Barack.

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