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“Obama’s No” and Letter To A Young Obama Supporter

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Obama’s incredible response to the unchallengeable truth that the surge has worked is analyzed by Pete Wehner:

In an interview yesterday with Senator Obama, ABC’s Terry Moran listed just a few of the by now seemingly endless data points demonstrating that the so-called surge, which Obama opposed at the time it was announced, is a success. Moran then asked this (excellent) question: Knowing what you know now, would you support the surge?”

Obama’s answer was, “No.”

This must surely rank as among the most misinformed, ideological, and reckless statements by a presidential candidate in modern times. The McCain campaign should do everything they can to make Obama pay a high price for it. That one word answer, “No,” should be advertised in bright neon lights. It should become Exhibit A that Obama not only doesn’t have the “judgment to lead;” he has now supplied us with evidence that few people possess judgment as flawed as his.

Even hard core Obamians have to recognize that their candidate is demonstrating a disregard for the victory unfolding in Iraq that troubles all of our allies in the war and alarms the Iraqi people. A president blinkered by ideology to huge, important truths is not cut out to be leader of the U.S. much less the West in a time of war.

When I wrote “Letter To A Young Obama Supporter,” I knew it would be hard to persuade younger voters that Obama was not the transcendant political figure he was billed as. Obama’s stubborn refusal to accept the reality of success in Iraq is just the most recent evidence that he is very much the standard-issue politician clinging to rhetoric that has been eclipsed by facts, just as opposition to drilling on the outer continental shelf has become absurd in the days of oil above $125 a barrel. Had Obama said anything to indicate that he’d been wrong to oppose the surge, I think he could have demonstrated a refreshing-to-young-voters candor about the ability to make mistakes and learn from them, but he chose to play it safe with his hard-left, retreat-at-any-cost base.’ Obama is making it very easy for Senator Mccain to point to his inexperience, and the riskiness of sending such a hard-left ideologue to the Oval Office.

I think the Obamamentum has slowed, that the European tour is oversold as a big moment for Obama, and that a competitive race will get very close indeed. Even if you don’t want to shell out $6 for a pamphlet for a young friend committed to Obama, order a year of Townhall magazine for yourself, and get one for free as well as a copy of Andrew McCarthy’s superb new book, Willful Blindness.


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