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Obama’s Katrina

Wednesday, September 24, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

McCain leads from the front as the financial storm rages and the damages mount.

Obama goes Blanco.

Listen to Blancobama’s press conference in concentrated form here.

UPDATE: Another e-mail:

Just was on the way back to the office and heard the excerpts from the McCain and Obama speeches on your show. A real leader wants the ball at crunch time, that is why McCain is doing what he is doing and why Obama is in the duck and cover mode. His statement if he can be of help he would be right there, for heavens sake he wants to be president…he should be able to help.

UPDATE: The blistering reaction to Obama’s fecklessness led him to reverse course and agree to meet at the White House tomorrow with President Bush, John McCain and House and Senate leaders.

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