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Obama’s Growing Messiah Complex

Wednesday, August 27, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Charles Krauthammer on the Barackopolis going up in the Denver stadium (HT:

The Berlin folly — in English.

The Superbowl Halftime Show — without the game.

What’s the finish? Maybe Obama’s got Zhang Yimou to do the hidden-rope trick, and have him lifted, Beijing-style, to the heavens when he’s done. Will he reappear three days later at the Bird’s Nest?

Or maybe he’ll just do a Napoleon and coronate himself. By the time Napoleon made himself emperor, he had won the Battles of Lodi, of Arcole, of Rivoli, of the Pyramids and of Marengo. And had promugulated the Napoleonic Code. He had yet to write a single autobiography.

And from Great Britain’s Telegraph this story on Obama’s non-bounce:

Barack Obama was due to arrive in Denver on Wednesday to claim the Democratic nomination amid fears that his party is split and he is being eclipsed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Opinion polls show that Mr Obama has received little or no “bounce” from the start of his convention or his picking Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. The Gallup daily tracking poll had Mr Obama up by one percentage point on Monday but Mr McCain ahead by two on Tuesday.

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