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Obama’s Epic Collapse, and Mrs. Smith’s “‘My son is not very optimal – he is also very dead.’

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My new reviews the president’s terrible week which, despite proclamations from the left on his debate prowess, saw continued and accelerating deterioration in his standing in the Gallup tracking poll and in numerous ket state polls like PPP’s in Iowa and New Hampshire which put Romney ahead in both key states. (PPP is a Democratic firm.)

Weekend polling updates will be posted here as they occur, but the sense of collapse around Team Obama and among Democrats is hard to miss. Various media folks will try and find reasons to argue the race is very, very close and certainly downticket Democrats are going to talk up the top of the ticket even as their own polling shoiws dangerous trend lines. Is it 2010 again? Could be, though the fourth “wave” election in a row would be unprecedented but also in keeping with some of the key parts of Sean Trende’s The Lost Majority. (I told you to read this…and you still should.)

We are, generally, a hard-working and impatient people. The communications revolution has increased this demand for results, and for explanations, neither of which the president has. The gas pump is sending the loudest message of all, but all around us is a mountain of evidence arguying “failure.” The pundits will all agree after the votes are in that this was the inevitable result of trying to run in a horrible economy, but the president might have made a better show of it had he offered a plan as opposed to serial polemics. He did’t. He will be repudiated as a result.

The mother of Sean Smith, slain in the Benghazi consulate attack that ought never to have occurred but because of this Administration’s fecklessness did, responded to the president’s callousness on a comedy show –the president said the death of four Americans was “not optimal,” responded “‘My son is not very optimal – he is also very dead.'” The American media don’t know how to handle such a devastating rebuke, and are mostly ignoring it, but it has shot around the new media universe, establishing the mood of the country vis-a-vis the president as he approaches his curtain call performance as president Monday night. If Bob Schieffer does his job, we will finally get some answers and not evasions on the Libyan massacre. And on the Medvedev whisper, the rejection of the meeting with Netanyahu, the refusal to stop the sequestration, the Keystone pipeline (yes, foreign affairs as Canada will send its oil elsewhere) and many other prtafalls past and present.

But even if he doesn’t and instead asks the president for the long vacuous riffs on this-and-that in which he specializes, it won’t matter. Obama will get a dig in (or two or three) over Romney’s alleged gaffe in London, and will again find a way to talk up the GM bailout and bin Laden’s dispatch, but the American electorate is filled to the rim with his talking points, and on alert for his poker tells. It is very difficult to see how he wins this last sit-down, and very easy to see how he falls even further behind coming out of it, which another display of faux outrage will guarantee.

Off to Philadelphia and then Washington, D.C., various stops in Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Colorado with my pals Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher and Dennis Prager and we may be dragging Jon Voight along on our GOTV adventure. Follow the attempt to keep Prager on something like a schedule via my Twitter feed at #hewitt and by following me at @hughhewitt.

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