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Obama’s “Dreams” –Again: “Composite Characters” Is Code For “Lie”

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Bill Kristol quite rightly regularly reminds conservatives and Republicans that they cannot beat Obama –or any Democrat for that matter– with scandal. They have to win with ideas and the credible promise to make the country stronger in many ways.

That warning is useful right now because of the temptation to spend too much time on the odd aspects of the president’s character now revealed in the Vanity Fair piece by David Mariness. Right now the key revelation is that the president used so-called “composite characters” in his memoir.

“Composite character” is code for “lie.” Recall James Frey, author of the non-memoir A Million Little Pieces. He made it up key parts of his “memoir,” and got slammed by Oprah when this lying was revealed. “Composite events” like “composite characters” don’t fly when the MSM doesn’t want them to take off.

Now the president is caught in having made up stuff for his memoir, which is not as bad as Vice President Biden stealing stuff for his speeches, but which is still quite low in the world of writing. It is also revealing, both of the president and the media.

The obvious question is: If he was willing to make stuff up in his memoir, what other stuff as he made up along the way? Not just in the memoir, but generally?

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker breaks down just one obvious invention in Dreams, but it is such a blatant lie that I am suspending my allegiance to the Kristol approach. This is troubling, and not because the president is an obvious fabricator of stories, but because the MSM didn’t do its job –still isn’t doing its job. That is amazing, just as the absence of interest in this big story is amazing. The protective circle that the MSM has thrown up around Obama remains largely in tact.

I am reading the absolutely stunning and wonderful fourth volume in Robert Caro’s epic biography of LBJ, and thinking every step of the way that no such man could get elected today, because the Manhattan-Beltway media elite would have torn his deeply deceptive story and life to bits.

But that is clearly not the case. President Obama was given a pass in 2007 and 2008, and it is still valid. Perhaps the country’s economic woes will force its expiration, but there is no sign of that happening at all.


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