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Obama’s Collapsing Map

Tuesday, September 23, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Time, like the New York Times, is pretty much an extension of the Obama campaign, so it must have caused great gnashing of teeth around the magazine to read Jay Newton-Small’s piece recognizing that Obama is rolling up the carpet in state after state he has spent millions on.

It is already clear that ten states hold the keys to the White House, and that McCain and Palin are doing very well in two of them, Florida and Ohio, while Obama struggles to hold on to blue states Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin and McCain tries to keep Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Mexico red. Dems are shaking their heads that after all this hype and fund-raising and with a fresh round of economic woes, Obama hasn’t pulled away. Chris Cillizza has the latest round of state polls, and in only one of them –Wisconsin— is Obama currently outside the margin of error.

Dems see a situation where the rookie Obama can stumble and hemorrhage support in a single news cycle while the veteran McCain just keeps it close or stays a point or two ahead in key states and wins at the close. It isn’t what they expected. It wasn’t what they were promised. It is why they are so much more nervous than the GOP.

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