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Obama/Pelosi/Reid On Every Ballot, and Hannity Tonight

Monday, October 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My new Washington Examiner column details the Democrats’ hard lurch to the left over the past 20 months. As the election enters the last week of campaigning, the only issue is whether the country wants more of the economic theories of the left that wasted a trillion dollars in stimulus, imposed a despised Obamacare on every America, created sufficient uncertainty to freeze hiring and drive unemployment to double digits and beyond –all while rewarding pals of the president like the UAW.

I will be on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel tonight after broadcasting from NYC, and the focus of both shows will no doubt be the big push to the end. The New York Times is fretting about “anonymous conservative groups” that are powering millions of volunteers and tens of millions of dollars into the final kick, but of course there is nothing sinister about the efforts, and it is hardly “anonymous” at all. I was at one such gathering on Saturday in Clark, New Jersey, where Americans for Prosperity brought together a few hundred volunteers to rally and then disperse to work as standard volunteers for the next ten days. This is the essence of democracy, and the left’s narrative about “unseen forces” and “foreign money” is very amusing when anyone considers the role of George Soros and the Colorado billionaires over the past half-decade.

Election Projection has the GOP gaining 58 seats int he House and eight in the Senate, and the New York Times’ Nate Silver agrees that the Democrats’ House losses will likely top 50, but with eight more days of President Obama on the campaign trail and Americans focused on their economy, that could go higher. Republicans and Independents have already decided to check the president’s wildly destructive ambitions. This is the week when rank-and-file Democrats decide that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have hijacked their party and their country and begin to resolve to assist in the repair work. Any Republican within striking distance today has a very real shot of winning easily next Tuesday. Rarely has any party done more to invite rejection as a party from coast to coast, and with not even a hint of repentance and changed thinking, every voter has to consider that any vote for any Democrat is a vote for the return of Pelosi and Reid, and two more years of wild government expansion and the economic misery of the past two years.

It didn’t work. It made things much worse and getting drearier still. Time for a real change.


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