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Wednesday, April 27, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt
Advertisement has posted the Obamalero audio.

The column on which it is based is here.

And I forgot START!

One of scores of emails requesting additions to the list:

More reasons:
* The Apology Tour of Europe where Obama made the case against America while apologizing for America’s history
* The Cairo speech of May 2009 where Obama cosied up to the Muslim Brotherhood, apologized for America and placated the Islamists
* His public recognition and celebration of Islamic holy days while ignoring many Judeo-Christian holy days
* His repudiation of America’s Christian history, saying that
“whatever we were, we’re not that now”.
* His refusal to acknowledge the Fort Hood massacre as a terrorist, Islamist attack
* His exemption from Obamacare of more than 1,000 organisations while the average person is forced into Obamacare
* His friendship with unrepentant terrorist, criminal and rabid
anti-American Bill Ayers
* His infamous quip that America had the strongest armed forces “whether you like it or not”.
* His duplicity on gay marriage, first repudiating it during the
election campaign then endorsing later.
* His flagrant and deliberate attempt to undermine the American economy by printing hundreds of billions of dollars that were unrelated to economic growth, thereby devaluing the US dollar and promoting inflation.
* His love and promotion of class warfare.
* His incoherent speech on Libya, which failed to make the case for intervention in Libya while ignoring atrocities against civilians in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Congo, Sudan and so on.
* For being the most amateurish, illogical, narcissistic, smug and least competent president in US history.

Obviously The Obamalero will need a 2.0 version to include many more suggestions from the audience.

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