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Obamacare: When Will The Lying End?

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Senator Marco Rubio had an excellent op-ed yesterday blasting Obamacare generally and the privacy/security threat posed by the “navigators” specifically.

The numbers on enrollment are as soft as butter left out since Saturday and the credibility of anyone the Administration pushes out to take arrows from Secretary Sebelius on down non-existent, as tattered as the president’s own reputation in the aftermnath of his faux apology last week.

Avik Roy summarizes the numbers that illustrate the massive and growing fail here, and the key assesssment is this:

Based on what we’ve seen to date from the administration, it appears likely that the website will take four to six months to function properly. The Obama administration should take the advice of the Democratic chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus (D., Mont.) and shut the thing down until they can fix it.

But the administration appears hell-bent on keeping the exchange open, because they want to enroll as many people into Obamacare before the President’s term is up. That way, the law will become harder to repeal, even if Republicans win in 2016.

They are going to keep bleeding the patient because they believe bleeding the patient is good for him just as 19th century physicians believed in bloodletting by leeches or other means.  Dr. Obama is a believer in Obamacare, whatever the results, and whatever the costs.

President Obama’s pals in the media are desperately searching for a metric –any metric– by  which they can announce a turnaround has begun.  Trouble is, there aren’t any, and there aren’t any leaders within the Administration who would be trusted on the announcement of progress even if some glimmer of real progress was achieved.  Again, the worst website ever isn’t even the problem, just the most obvious symptom.  The lack of credibility isn’t the problem, just a symptom of the degree of the problem.

The problem is the law is doomed to fail as was said in 2009 and 2010 by every Republican and as should be said every day.  It is simply a massive tax that people cannot afford and which is crashing into the reality of people’s lives with ever greater force –and with ever greater political effect.

Some truth from any senior Democrat on the massive nature of the crash and the overhaul needed would be welcome.  None have had the courage to break with the president yet.  So they all get deeper and deeper into the lie that the scheme was ever going to work, and they are all more and more compromised.  Every day they stand with the false promise of Obamacare is another day the voters should never forgive or forget.



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