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Obamacare: The Bill Comes Due

Tuesday, September 28, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Just in time for the elections, the true costs and consequences of Obamcare are rolling out.

Some Medicare Advantage plans have dropped out of the system completely (remember “You can keep your doctor and plan”?) and many child-only plans have been withdrawn –the first wave of provider casualties as Obamacare hammers the cost structure of existing plans forcing many out of the market.

Choices are fewer, but what about the costs of those that remain? The evidence is just now arriving.

In Dallas, the average cost of employer provided insurance is up 9%. Expect much of that to be passed on to employee, with employee contributions rising about 12% next year.

Up north, in Milwaukee, employers are only going to get hit with an 8% hike, and employees’ share will only rise 11%.

Fewer plans, fewer benefits, loss of doctors, rising costs for businesses and employees. What’s not to love?

Obamacare has to be repealed, from top to bottom, and replaced with genuine reform that begins with a national market and controls on plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Most people who pay for all or part of their insurance will know the true costs of Obamacare, hopefully in time to vote their pocketbooks if they still had any lingering doubts about tossing out the Colbert Congress.


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