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Obama v. Romney

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Governor Romney’s triple-play yesterday should oblige even the biggest booster of President Obama in the MSM –and there are many– to begin to write about the general election match-up that is a certainty, pushing the “brokered convention” that was always fantasy to the shelf alongside Game of Thrones.

The choice before country come November is stark and too important to explain in a quick post, but the GOP nominee has the perfect day on which to begin to introduce himself as the alternative not to other Republicans but to the disastrous president who has caused so much harm and brought so much misery in the wake of his inane rhetoric of hope and change.

The president’s risible speech yesterday —see Guy Benson’s epic analysis of it here— and Joe Biden’s astonishing 11-minute answer to a question on gas prices yesterday, give Romney the perfect opening to lay out in comprehensive fashion the many and keep differences between how the country has been run in the past three-plus years versus how it will be governed in the next four.

This means Romney’s writers have to pivot from writing with one eye over his shoulder at Santorum and Gingrich and focus squarely on the president who has begun to slip the moorings of reality. Every day should bring from Team Romney a new barrage of facts and responses –today for example Romney should be blasting not just Obama’s genuinely absurd litany of doom from yesterday, but also the president’s attack on the Supreme Court, the Fifth Circuit’s response, and the president’s demand for “space” from, and promise of flexibility to, Russia’s Medvedev and Putin.

Every day, on every subject, contact, contrast, contrast.

I will be interviewing Mike Allen today about his new book, Inside the Circus, co-authored with Evan Thomas, that is really a sort of witness protection program for Beltway campaign consultants and alleged Romney “advisers.” It is a fun and gossipy read but it missed much of the big struggle underway between Obama and Romney because Team Romney wasn’t pushing its general election strategy out the door to even to Allen, the best Beltway reporter.

But that strategy begins today, and hopefully it is revealed in seven months of unbroken “See what the president is done? Here’s what I will do” speeches and events. The president did a wonderful job of opening the door to general election debate with is tete-a-tete with Medvedev, his attack on SCOTUS and yesterdays almost deranged speech warning of mid-air crashes and the end of the nightly weather. We can only hope he clings to his third-string speechwriters the way he has clung to his self-absorption in all matters. Romney by contrast needs the first team and a seven month schedule of speeches and events that pound home again and again the facts of Obama’s incompetence, and the awful reality of what four more years would look like.

All the nonsense of the war on women, all the absurd lame jokes about “microphones I can see”; all the arrogance and self-pity of the president and all the laughable self-regard of the Chicago gang; all the Beltway-Manhattan media elite boosterism –all of that no longer matters.

What matters is the case that Romney makes for the urgent need to sweep the Chicago gang out of D.C. from top to bottom, to carve the metastasizing government back to its essential services, to rebuild its defenses and balance its budget, and to be serious about “one nation” with one set of rules.

Romney will be president if he executes a calm, detailed campaign that promises the country the turnaround it so desperately needs.

And if he gets the support he will need to counter billions in direct and indirect expenditures. The hard left has the country in its grip. That grip will not easily be pried open. It is everyone’s job to help, and many should start today via


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