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Obama v McGovern; Steyn, Hitchens and

Friday, June 6, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Travel day, so I point you to:

My new column on the comparison between Barack Obama and George McGovern;

the transcript of yesterday’s interview with Mark Steyn, conducted across the street from the B.C. Star Chamber;

the transcript of Wednesday’s interview with Christopher Hitchins wherein he again displays his unique affection for the Clintons;

a reminder that the perfect Father’s Day gift would be a subscription to the new Townhall Magazine which comes with a free copy of Michael Yon’s new book on Iraq;

and a reminder that today’s show features replays of three one-hour interviews with the New York Times John Burns, the New Yorker’s Lawrence Wright and Michael Yon, all of which dwell primarily on the war against the jihadists in Iraq and elsewhere. If you know an Obama supporter, encourage them to listen today. Not only might it change their view of Iraq, perhaps they’d begin to understand why talk radio listeners are so much better informed than those who rely on MSM.

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