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Obama v. Biden

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Courtesy of Team McCain:

“In his first event since choosing Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential nominee, Barack Obama attacked many of Joe Biden’s own positions on national security issues. We look forward to the debate between Joe Biden and Barack Obama over whether or not Senator Obama is qualified to be commander in chief. Unfortunately for Americans, the one area that is not up for debate on the Democratic ticket is their shared opposition to new drilling, safe nuclear power, and their votes for higher taxes on the middle class.” –McCain spokesman Brian Rogers


Today, Barack Obama Attacked John McCain For Voting For The 2002 Iraq War Resolution; Joe Biden Also Voted For The Resolution:

Joe Biden Voted For The Iraq War Resolution. (H.J. Res. 114, CQ Vote #237: Passed 77-23: R 48-1; D 29-21; I 0-1, 10/11/02, Biden Voted Yea)

? Joe Biden Called Saddam Hussein “An Extreme Danger To The World.” Biden: “This is a guy who’s used weapons of mass destruction. This is a guy who’s destabilized the whole neighborhood. This is a guy who in a war with the Iranians, over 800,000 people on both sides were killed. This is a guy who is an extreme danger to the world. And this is a guy who is in every way possible seeking weapons of mass destruction. That case, in and of itself, ought to be sufficient.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 8/4/02)[# More #]

? Joe Biden: “We Have No Choice But To Eliminate The Threat.” NBC’s Tim Russert: “If the president of the United States was saying four years ago clear evidence of mass destruction, do we have any choice but to eliminate Saddam Hussein and the threat?” Biden: “We have no choice but to eliminate the threat.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 8/4/02)

? Joe Biden Said The Bush Administration Had Enough Classified Evidence On Iraq To Gain A Conviction At A Jury Trial. “Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., D-Del., said Tuesday on Capitol Hill that ‘the administration has evidence now that can change people’s minds.’ However, Biden said, ‘It’s a very tough call as to how much to release.’ Biden said he did not think the administration would make photographs public, as Adlai E. Stevenson, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, did in 1962 to back the Kennedy administration’s claim the Soviet Union had deployed missiles in Cuba that could strike the United States. But, Biden said, ‘I know there is enough circumstantial evidence that if there were a jury trial I could convict you.'” (Barry Schweid, “Administration Plans Disclosure Of Intelligence On Weapons,” The Associated Press, 1/28/03)

? In July 2003, Amid Questions Concerning A Lack Of Stockpiles Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq, Joe Biden Defended The War As “Justified” And Said “I Still Believe That Saddam Possessed Weapons Of Mass Destruction.” Biden: “I still believe that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction and that the war in Iraq was justified.” (Sen. Joe Biden, “Statement Of Senator Joe Biden On The White House’s Acknowledgment That Iraq-Uranium Assertion Was Wrong,” Press Release,, 7/8/03)

Today, Barack Obama Attacked John McCain For His Statements In The Aftermath Of 9/11; Joe Biden Praised John McCain’s Leadership In The Aftermath Of 9/11:

Joe Biden Said President Bush Should Have Followed John McCain’s Foreign Policy Lead Following The September 11, 2001 Attacks. Biden: “I mean, look, the president had a choice and it was a tough choice when he came — when 9/11 occurred. He could either listen to the advice Colin Powell and Shinseki and most of the uniformed military, and John McCain as well, and Dick Lugar and others, or choose the advice of the vice president, secretary of State — the secretary of Defense and others, and he chose the wrong advice, and this — I think we need a fresh start to be able to gain any momentum on this war on terror, and I don’t think we’re going to see any change — I’d feel a lot better if I knew that President Bush was going to be elected — and I’m not being solicitous — if I knew he was going to start to listen to John McCain instead of the secretary of Defense, because they have totally different — no, I shouldn’t say totally — many — have very different views of how to proceed. And so I think you’d see a difference in the way how you prosecute the war in Iraq. I think you’d see a difference in how you dealt with homeland security. And I think you’d see a difference in terms of the cooperation with other nations in terms of getting the consensus on how to deal with controlling chemical, biological, nuclear weapons.” (CBS’s, “Face The Nation,” 10/31/04)

Today, Barack Obama Claimed John McCain Was Somehow Late To The Afghanistan Debate; Joe Biden Claimed That Barack Obama Was Late To The Iraq And Afghanistan Debate:

Joe Biden On Barack Obama’s Leadership On Iraq: “I Don’t Recall Hearing A Word From Barack About A Plan Or A Tactic.” (Jason Horowitz, “Biden Unbound: Lays Into Clinton, Obama, Edwards,” The New York Observer, 2/4/07)

Joe Biden Criticized Barack Obama’s “Johnny-Come-Lately Position” On Afghanistan. “The Biden for President Campaign today congratulated Sen. Barack Obama for arriving at a number of Sen. Biden’s long-held views on combating al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Much of what Senator Obama has proposed Senator Biden has already initiated or accomplished.” (Sen. Joe Biden, “Biden Campaign Congratulates Sen. Obama For Johnny-Come-Lately Position,” Press Release, 8/1/07)


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