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Obama: “”This November, We Have A Chance To Create A Democratic Senate majority Like We Haven’t Seen In Decades”

Wednesday, June 25, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Politico’s Ben Smith posts an article outlining the chest-beating going on over at Team Obama.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Obama has had a phenomenally weak bump —Gallup has the race tied— and his past month is littered with gaffes and there is a rising recognition that he is a lightweight, and one whose word –public financing?, town hall debates with McCain?– is not to be trusted. (Even the leftosphere is figuring out that Obama’s word is not meant to be trusted.)

So now his people are claiming long coattails into the Senate races, even as one of the Democrats’ key races, that of the tax cheating pornographer Al Franken, collapses. Obama ought to be far ahead in the Gallup poll, but he’s not. The Don’t Drill Democrats are understood by the voters to be blocking the oil exploration that could bring down gas prices. Supreme Court decisions gifting Gitmo detainees with habeas rights and protecting child rapists are the products of justices of the sort Obama is pledged to appoint to SCOTUS and the lower courts.

And, crucially, the surge supported by John McCain has worked and Iraq has become increasingly stable, and Obama remains committed to retreat and the defeat that would follow, as well as appeasement of Iran’s fanatics. The world is a very dangerous place now and for the foreseeable future, and as we get closer to November, the focus on Obama will reveal to more and more Americans not only the most radical candidate in American political history, but the riskiest one as well. .

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