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Obama Said What? UPDATE: Why Are Steeler Fans So Bitter?

Saturday, April 12, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Incredible. I knew his politics were radical from his memoir. But I had no idea that his contempt for middle America was so complete.

Do the Democrats dare nominate someone so completely clueless about the heartland?

UPDATE: Obama doesn’t apologize, he expands on his “thinking.”

Patrick Hynes has the details.

Tomorrow’s Sunday shows will probe the extent of the damage, but the significance of Obama’s candid contempt for small-town voters won’t even be fully absorbed by the public until talk radio plays the tape wall-to-wall for a week. There’s a great deal more than arrogance in the “bitter” remark. There is a worldview that will define Obama for many who gave him a look. Many will see the combination of the remarks and the setting –a fundraiser in San Francisco– as a sure sign that Obama is not to be trusted. Talking trash about middle class voters in industrial states while the canapes are served by the bay doesn’t work outside of the huge cities where poking fun at the rural and suburban rabble is an honored tradition.

UPDATE: The Washington Post put the biggest political story in weeks on page 4.

This may be what makes Pennsylvanians so bitter: Even when they are insulted, the elites don’t think it is newsworthy.

They could also be bitter about the Eagles and the Steelers.

You tell me, why at Keystone staters so bitter?

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