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Obama: Making Jimmy Carter Look Tough

Monday, May 19, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jennifer Rubin reports on Barack Obama’s latest display of foreign policy naivete. Iran, as well as Venezuela and Cuba, don’t pose “serious threat[s]” to the U.S.

Has Obama read even one book on the mullahs and their record of terror and their ambitions for the region and their plans for Israel?

Is he aware that Iran is killing American soldiers and Marines?

Obama expects people to take his support for Israel’s security seriously, and then declares that Iran isn’t a serious threat?

This is indeed full-throated appeasement, the refusal to face facts about malign forces in the world and the repeated attempt to negotiate with powers that do not want anything except additional domination and which cannot be satisfied with other than conflict.

I note that Obama’s comments came only a day after his private meeting with a senior Shia leader in the U.S., Hassan Qazwini, detailed by Powerline and others. Qazwini clearly does not believe that Iran is a threat in the region, and his remarks in a joint appearance with Juan Cole give you a sense of the sort of advice he offered Obama in their sit-down.

Clearly Qazwini got his points across with Obama.

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