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Obama, Border Security and The Emerging Failed State of Mexico

Sunday, August 8, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Things are getting worse in Mexico according to the Los Angeles Times this morning.

With the prospects increasing of a failed state dominated by the cartels on our southern border, what has President Obama done about increasing border security?

How much of the real fence –not the failed “virtual” fence– has been accelerated during his tenure? How much of the stimulus was spent on border security? How has Janet Napolitano done in her job as tsar of border security?

The president’s indifference to conditions along the border and the escalating chaos in Mexico is of a piece with his general nonchalance to all crises abroad that cannot be blamed on America. Iran is about to go nuclear, Chavez is increasingly erratic and threatening, and parts of Mexico are sliding into the status of Somalia West.

But the president thinks this is “Recovery Summer” and that the car business is doing just fine.

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