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Obama 7.0–The President Tries Another New Start To His Flailing Campaign; Romney Stays Steady

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My show today will feature an interview with GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and will review the two Ohio speeches given today, one by the President Obama and one by Governor Romney, with Mark Steyn, James Lileks and of course the audience.

The president is struggling and he will try and use his talk to undo the massive damage he did with his “the private sector is doing fine” assertion last Friday while the Republican nominee will continue the focus on the “Obama economy,” and the letters coffers will continue to fill as a result.

Then there is this new Romney ad which summarizes the president’s economic cluelessness:

Team Obama is grumbling about Sheldon Adelson’s $10 million dollar gift to a SuperPac supporting Romney, but what they are really worried about are the next ten or more gifts from the Las Vegas magnate.

When you hear those complaints, and especially when you hear complaints from the MSM, listen for the context that includes Obama’s massive spending advantage over John McCain in the fall of 2008 when McCain accepted public financing and limits on expenditures and Obama blew them off. Obama created this world of unlimited expenditures, not Citizens United, and any complaint is pure hypocrisy, which won’t stop him at all but which should be pointed out every time the subject comes up.

What Obama will do in response to his plummeting standing and Romney’s rising momentum is appeal to the base to try and get the magic back. The very best way to help prevent that is with small donors by the tens of thousands rallying to Romney’s camp, which is made easy here, where you can donate $10 to $2500 with a few clicks.
The transcript of my conversation with McConnell will be posted at the Transcripts page, and we will continue the conversation I had with Senator Thune on Monday and the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza yesterday about what a second Obama term would look like and about the president’s charges of obstructionism. It has become obvious that this complaint of “bad Republicans” blocking the president’s wonderful plans has gotten and will get no traction with voters, so now the president is rewriting the script again –this time to fully embrace huge amounts of new public spending. As with all of the twists and turns before, this new new theme will run smack into the wall of Obama’s disastrous record. Eventually Obama will have to promise the last promise: Not to be himself. And how believable will that be?


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