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NYC Day 2

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I am going to have to ask the Columbia Journalism School folks about the “new journalism order.” Before long, Rather will be blaming the Bilderbergers for the forged docs. RogerLSimon has more.

One of the giants of the old media order that Rather deplores the passing of is Ted Turner. Unfortunately, he’s a nutter, as this Radioblogger transcript of a Turner-Wolf Blitzer interview at CNN shows.

If this report is true, the decision by Congressional Republicans to be blackmailed into running the Katrina investigation in a fashion acceptable to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is another stunning display of the GOP’s collective “minority mentality.” The long march to the non-confrontation over the abuse of the filibuster and now the capitulation to the Democrats refusal to recognize the same procedures used in Iran-Contra signals the base that the Republican leadership just doesn’t have the guts to take on the hyperpartisan remnants of the Democrats.

Whoever advised Senator Frist to concede control of the investigation to the Democrats was no friend of his presidential bid. Rudy, Romney and Allen will no doubt file this embarassment away for the late fall of 2007.

Senator McCain asserts that he and Rudy are the “the two most popular” members of the GOP. Depends on how you count, I think, and on whether MSM’s loving treatment of the senator will hold up in a primary season. BTW: In the same interview, McCain endorses the teaching of intelligent design. Watch to see if the MSM McCain Caucus bring that up the next few rounds of interviews.

Keep your eye on the Porkbusters intitiative being cooked up by Instapundit, Powerline, and the estimable NZ Bear. And as you learn of needs in the recovery region, send the appropriate party to post the details at Bear’s ReliefConnections. (Not surprisingly, for example, a group has asked for chainsaws and gas. I wonder if the manufacturers of chainsaws are ramping up production.)

And thanks to all the visitors to the new OneTrueGodBlog, as well as for the names of liberal theologians who can be added to the roster.


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