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“Now You’re Talking”: The Future of Talk Radio Looks Very Good Indeed

Wednesday, April 1, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

No, it isn’t an April’s Fools Joke. Here’s my piece from on why nationally-syndicated conservative talk radio is booming –and why that’s good for the country and even the president.

My interviews yesterday with Mark Levin (transcript here) and with Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett (transcript here) both touched on the need for sustained, serious debate on the crucial issues facing the country and the planet. The key fact –which some on the left hate, but which remains a fact nonetheless– is that the highest quality debates and interviews about American politics take place on the radio. Sometimes they can be passionate, and still entertaining, informative and fact-filled (like my interview with Mark Levine). Sometimes they can be lengthy, fact-filled, and riveting while not remotely partisan (like my two-hour conversation with Dr. Barnett about globalization, part of an eight hour series on his new book, all the links for which are collected here.)

But far more than on television or in newspapers, and with a far greater audience than any web site has yet achieved, they occur over the AM and FM bands. Even in an era of great changes in media, the nationally-syndicated talk radio is growing because the demand for debate and information is growing.

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