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“”Now I’m running for America and I’m grateful for that.”

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That’s Lopez Lomong, and the headline quote is from the American Olympian, courtesy of the Times of London:

IF things do not go according to plan, Lopez Lomong will run just 1500 metres in these Olympic Games. If the moon is made of cheese, he will win gold. Either way, tomorrow night, when he will carry the US flag in the opening ceremony in Beijing, the world will know exactly how far the 23-year-old has travelled in his young life.

Joseph Lopepe (Lopez) Lomong is one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan. He was kidnapped from his village in Kimotong at the age of six, escaped by tunnelling under the wire fence of his compound and spent three days on the run. Having fled across the border into Kenya, his home for ten years was the Kakuma refugee camp.

(HT: Powder Tracks). Perhaps Barack “America is no longer what it could be, what it once was” Obama could schedule a meeting with Lomong on the nature of the country the senator seeks to lead.

Obama might also want to read Charles Krauthammer’s latest before asserting again that inflating our tires will produce all the new oil available to us from drilling:

Barack Obama remains opposed to new offshore drilling (although he now says he would accept a highly restricted version as part of a comprehensive package). Just last week, he claimed that if only Americans would inflate their tires properly and get regular tune-ups, “we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling.”

This is bizarre. By any reasonable calculation of annual tire-inflation and tune-up savings, the Outer Continental Shelf holds nearly a hundred times as much oil. As for oil shale, also under federal moratorium, after a thousand years of driving with Obama-inflated tires and Obama-tuned engines, we would still have saved only one-fifth the oil shale available in the United States.

But forget the math. Why is this issue either/or? Who’s against properly inflated tires? Let’s start a national campaign, Cuban-style, with giant venceremos posters lining the highways. (“Inflate your tires. Victory or death!”) Why must there be a choice between encouraging conservation and increasing supply? The logical answer is obvious: Do both.

As the Olympics opens, most of us will be taking pride in athletes who grew up in a free society powered by a free economy fueled by abundant energy. They will of course not all win medals, but each of them represents a decades of free choices and individual decisions reached independently of government command and pursued without government interference. The pride deficit the Democratic nominee feels about our country may get a much needed repair, and then he can begin to retool his absurd energy plans.



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