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November, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the Washington Post:

Public disillusionment over Bush’s policies in Iraq have left the country in a sour mood and Bush’s presidency at low ebb, threatening the entire Bush-Rove project to create a durable Republican majority. While that goal remains central to those closest to Bush, the focus at the White House for the foreseeable future will be trying to revitalize this presidency quickly enough to avoid crippling GOP losses in November that could thrust Bush into instant lame-duck status.

So, when Bush-Rove wins –again, for the sixth straight time if we add in the two Texas governor races– will the Beltway elite finally admit they misunderestimated Bush all along?

Never. But even as the always-wrong-about-Bush legacy media perform their curse dances, the country’s increasing attention on Iran coupled with continued progress in Iraq, the undeniable economic boom and the Democratic-obstruction on gas price relief (it is called ANWR, and it would have immediate impact on gas prices because the market notes commitments to exploration) have opened the door to political revival for the GOP. If the Senate comes back ready to go to work on judges, and the House on permanent tax relief, this is going to look like the political equivalent of the battle of Blenheim.

Painting the Map Red. Very much a possibility, if the Congressional leadership gets a clue.

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