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Of course, any story that does not support the media/Democrat/Left agenda is under-reported.  And of late any story , particularly that involves a president that they simply refuse to believe was actually elected, is over-reported, spun, and discussed as if it is a sign of apocalypse.  But if you look around, you can find that the great bastions of left-wing politics are collapsing.

Let’s start in the greatest such bastion in the US – California – sadly where I reside.  We’re a “Sanctuary State” here in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.  That means we welcome illegal immigrants and work actively against federal officials trying to deport them.  What do we have to show for our “humanitarian efforts?”  Stuff like this.  Warning, that links to a story that is both horrifying and profanity laced, hence I don’t describe it.  Of course, when we do talk about horrors in California we talk about the Turpins, but even then we miss the deepest reality in that story.  More on that in a moment.

If we turn to Canada, which turned hard-left in its last election, we see this:

Canada’s employment minister says churches and other religious groups are eligible for a federal grant to hire summer students as long as their core mandate agrees with access to abortion.

Talk about horrors.  Not satisfied with religious institutions being forced to fund abortions through insurance, or limiting their funding if they council pro-life, they now have to believe – to their core – that abortion is something everyone should do.  This is actually revelatory of the fact that what the Left cannot convince us of; they are willing to use force to make us believe.  We talked the other day about how well that does not work.

But if you want to see ignorance of the truly consequential you need look no further than California’s grossly failed environmental policy.

Consider the current fire/flood cycle in which the Golden State finds itself, which has its roots in the preceding drought years.  There is also a related health crisis.  Let’s start there.

I have no information about the rest of the country, but here in CA it is an awful flu season – really bad.  One has grown accustomed to stories of the flu going into pneumonia.  But in recent weeks stories of that which is originally diagnosed as pneumonia actually being Valley Fever have become fairly commonplace.  I have encountered four such stories personally just this week.  I did some checking and reported cases of Valley Fever are on the rise.  For the uninitiated, Valley Fever is a respiratory ailment that results from spores in the soil in California and Arizona.  Unlike the flu which is viral in origin, or pneumonia which is bacteriological, this illness requires a whole different treatment than those two illnesses which it closely resembles.  Left untreated it can be fatal, and given its resemblance to far more common ailments it is often not diagnosed until well advanced.

Now, I am speculating at this point, but I would have to think that the recent controls on irrigation, due to drought, here in CA have resulted in far more dust being kicked up when land is tilled – dryer dirt, more dust.  That dust, containing the dangerous spores, then spreads farther on the wind and there you have an explanation for the rise in Valley Fever.  All of which could be avoided if California had common sense policy towards the construction of water infrastructure thus eliminating the need for controls on irrigation.

As if that is not bad enough, let’s consider the horrific flooding just experienced.  This Facebook post is the best illustration of just how devastating this flooding has been.  I have seen no cost estimates yet, but they will be unimaginable.  The flooding came because of the very bare post-fires hill sides.  The fires could have been far less significant if the state allowed brush control, but it does not since control burns are “air pollution emission sources.”  Not to mention the fires have their actual roots in the drought.  Years of no water, followed by a year of water causes explosive growth in brush which fuels the fire.  And remember with better water infrastructure even the wild lands would benefit as irrigation would leave the scare natural water for those wild lands.

Oh and then we have California’s famed “tolerance” for the homeless.  Such is known to be the cause of one of the recent fires, and is a likely cause of the rest of them.  On my desk rests a picture of my wife and I visiting Santa Barbara when we were dating – it was a lovely day.  (Sadly there are no dinosaurs in the picture, but they were about).  Santa Barbara was involved in the Thomas fire – the worst of them.  A few years ago my wife and I made a nostalgic visit back to Santa Barbara.  Our much anticipated visit to the previously lovely main street was not nearly as lovely as it had been decades earlier because we were unable to proceed more than a few feet without being accosted by a homeless individual seeking a handout.  If they are in the city, they are in the hills.

But let’s return to the Turpins.  Local media has been overwhelmed with stories of neighbors who had no clue that they were living near such a chamber of horrors.  When I was young you would assume such people were lying to avoid implication in the horrors, but given the state of things in California now I think they honestly had no clue. Most left-leaning places are also places of great self-absorption among the populace.  This phenomena has its roots the areligious, if not irreligious, tendencies within the Left.  Or, if they claim religion, a religion so seriously folded, stapled and mutilated as to be unrecognizable to more traditional adherents.

But regardless of the origin, the self-absorption that marks the Left results in a social isolation.  You have to be thinking about something other than yourself to care what is going on at your neighbors.  So prevalent is this self-absorption in the modern world that loneliness is now on official government problem in Great Britain.  It is very difficult to make deep, lasting relationships if one is self-absorbed.  This social isolation/self-absorption is quite evident in California, at least anecdotally in my life.  Simply going for a walk in the neighborhood has become a life threatening undertaking as drivers refuse to pay attention to crosswalks or speed laws.  A trip to the store, if crowded, ends in a rugby-violent scrum at the check stand rather than a simple waiting patiently.  I could go on and on.

This self-absorption lies at the heart of many of policies that have turned this state into a disaster.  “I like that canyon, don’t fill it with water.”  “But the smoke from the control burn makes my eyes moist.”  “I’m sorry you almost died from Valley Fever, but does that justify putting the place where I played as a child under water?”  “I love that beach, they can’t put a desalinization plant there.”

But then I have no clue what I’m talking about – California is Nirvana.  Just ask Jerry Brown who is ready and willing to tell us the president is dangerous and awful and hideous and anything else that will draw our attention away from the fact that his state is falling apart.

ADDENDUM: For further enlightenment on California’s ills, check out Jonah Goldberg’s discovery that, “California is the poverty capital of America.


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