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Not Willing To Debate, Part 1.

Monday, November 14, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My producer contacted to anti-ANWR exploration Congressmen’s staffs today to get either David Reichert of Washington State or Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania to appear on the show to defend their positions. Both invitations were declined. They will be renewed again and again, but of course the refusal tells us a lot about the confidence these Representatives have in their positions. We will also be extending invites to Congressmen Shays and Simmons. Don’t hold your breath.

On another front, the special election to fill SEC Chair and former Congressman Chris Cox’s seat is scheduled for December 6. State Senator John Campbell will win in a walk, but Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist is running on the ticket of the American Independent Party. When Jim Gilchrist appeared on my show a couple of weeks back, I asked him if he would return for a debate with John Campbell, and Jim Gilchrist said yes. Yesterday and today my producer Duane sent the invitation, via phone and e-mail, for a debate on election eve to both Campbell and Gilchrist. Campbell immediately accepted.

Despite his earlier commitment, Glichrist’s staff refused the debate he had already accepted. Here’s producer Duane’s e-mail back to Tim of the Gilchrist team:

tim, i got a call from rick s_____, who said there was a problem with having a debate between campbell and gilchrist on hugh’s show, because your campaign is worried about fairness issues, due to hugh having a link to campbell’s campaign on his website. Based on that, rick said that gilchrist declines the request for a debate on monday the 5th. I just wanted to get that in writing, so if you e-mail me back to confirm, i would appreciate it. thanks…d

As background, local Los Angeles talk show pot and pan bangers, “John and Ken,” are huge Gilchrist backers, in the bag for Jim from day one of the special election. They lie down for Gilchrist whenever he appears on their show, never posed him a single tough question and as a result never got a single bit of non-illegal immigration-related info from their co-host Gilchrist. It was booster radio, pure and simple, and still is.

Nevertheless, Campbell went on their show to debate Gilchirst the night before the primary, which was to Campbell’s credit. I guess Jim Gilchrist hopes that he’ll get another set-up debate from John and Ken on election eve. Campbell should turn down any such offer. Gilchrist reneged, and shouldn’t be given a free pass to appear with his powder puff buddies instead of a real debate.

The offer is still open.

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