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Not Only Should Senator McCain Bring Up Ayers, He Should Bring Up Khalidi, Rezko, Wright and ACORN –Again and Again

Wednesday, October 15, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The pundits are asking whether John McCain should bring us the would-be killer Ayers in the debate tonight. Of course he should, again and again, regardless of what questions Bob Schieffer brings with him.

And Senator McCain should ask how Senator bama could stay for 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s church, buy a house with Tony Rezko, spend great amounts of time with Rashid Khalidi and represent ACORN. All of these associations go to judgment, the same judgment that Senator Obama will have to use to staff 3,000 jobs including the Secretaries of State, Defense, Treasury and Justice.

Finally, Senator McCain should bluntly pledge to keep United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in his job investigating the Chicago-Illinois machine and challenge Senator Obama to take the same pledge.

McCain has an advantage tonight: Except on the far-left fringe there are no doubts about his deep love of country and his character. He is the known quantity, and Obama the unknown enigma whose long and close associations with a radical group of characters and at least one convicted felon are huge warning flares to the electorate. Americans have to be focused on the huge gamble that Obama represents and the 3,000 “FOOs” that will be moving to D.C. if the current polls hold up.

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