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Not Dead On Arrival. Dead Before Sending.

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The president unleashes his inner Alinksy this morning with the release of his proposal for massive tax hikes, mostly on high income earners, accounting tricks and childish rhetoric. It is clear he has decided to run hard left in 2012, with all the tiresome cliches that involves.

The plan is a sham of course, an election year set-up just like the absurd demand in the Joint Session of Congress for Stimulus 2.0. This new, new plan isn’t dead upon arrival; it was dead before sending. And everyone knows it. Politico’s Mike Allen details the massive spin put on the highly partisan plan last night by the president’s tap-dancing and desperate team, but no one is fooled. Everything the president ever said about “working across the aisle” is trashed. The Chicago way is in the saddle. It’s the only way he and his advisors know.

The very good news is that the country knows, even if the MSM doesn’t.

“Don’t get your picture taken with President Obama,” one Nevada Democrat told his colleagues after last week’s blowout losses there and in New York City. This plan makes an already radioactive president toxic beyond measure in swing districts.

The Manhattan-Beltway media elite ought to be laughing at the transparent positioning going on here as an incredibly weak president tries to disguise his failed tenure with amped up demands from his community organizer days.

But the president’s pals in the press room will go along with the charade. The “orchestrated sychophancy,” as the CBC’s Rex Murphy called it in Canada’s National Post, endures and will suffocate what ought to be the obvious “Where’s the bipartisan spirit and why kill the Supercommittee before it begins?” questions as well as the close examination of the “savings” the president proposes as well as his refusal –again– to do anything about entitlement reform.

The president wants badly to be re-elected and has concluded, rightly, that he has no chance of being taken seriously by the center in the country, and having lost the independents, he will try and rally the wild-eyed while destroying his opponent in a billion dollar barrage of negative ads. It will be a grisly campaign, and the economy is doomed to live through 14 months of uncertainty and what a lefty might truly call economic hate speech until another GOP wave brings in a GOP senate and a new president who can begin the massive repair job required after the conclusion of this amateur hour presidency.


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