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Not a Disagreement, But a Refusal to Support Assistance to Terrorists

Saturday, June 24, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Patterico cancels his Los Angeles Times subscription:

[T]his has nothing to do with disagreeing with what I read in the newspaper. I disagree with the newspaper all the time. This is different. The newspaper made a deliberate choice to print classified details of an anti-terror operation that, by all accounts, was effective and legal. Key members of Congress had been briefed on it and had no problem with it. Strict controls were in place to prevent abuse, and those controls appear to have been effective.

Moreover, the program had been successful. The government had used it to capture the mastermind of the 2002 bombing of a Bali nightclub. That bombing killed 202 people, I said. I felt myself getting angry all over again as I continued the explanation. That’s more people than died in the Oklahoma City bombing. It’s the equivalent of catching Timothy McVeigh.


The NYT’s wingman takes another hit as Mark Danzinger cancels his paper as well.

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