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North Korea and USC

Tuesday, April 2, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

North Korea and USC are both in the news this morning.

The bizarre hermit kingdom has again acted unpredictably, some would say even recklessly, while North Korea continues to worry its neighbors.

USC reached out and grabbed a hot new basketball commodity, Andy Enfield, assuring the Trojans the enmity of Floridians and especially of Florida Gulf Coasters for a generation to come.  USC world shrugged and said, “Get it line.”

Much more seriously, reports accumulate that North Korea has spooked even big brother PRC even though China remains an ally, and now comes word that the young dictator is firing up the mothballed nuclear reactors.

South Korea’s president served notice that she would not absorb a North Korean “demonstration of force,” and suddenly we have a “Guns of August in April” situation where the slightest miscalculation by the boy despot triggers, well, a terrible situation.

Good thing we have President Obama on the case.  And Joe Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel.  Good thing the president burned through his four best generals in the past two years as Max Boot notes in Commentary.

The only good news in this mess is that our allies are figuring out that the new world ushered in by the president requires that they look to their own defenses, as Japan is now doing.

Today’s show will touch on the Korean situation –not yet a “crisis” but getting there– with Congressman Tom Cotton, but will focus on domestic issues with Fred Barnes coming by my D.C. home away from home in the studios, and with a visit from a genuine revolutionary, Michael Farris, founder of both the Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College.  There are 2.5 million children being home schooled in the United States today, and there is a good bet that very few of those would be following that course but for Farris’ three decades of defending and encouraging their parents and those who have gone before them.

Finally, let not your hearts be troubled.  Today is opening day –in Canada– where America’s team The Cleveland Indians represent the USA.  In honor of baseball’s return to the bulk of North America –and to cover my retreat to the airport to get back to CA– I’ll replay last year’s chat with baseball’s golden voice, Vin Scully in hour three of today’s show.


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