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No Wonder He Couldn’t Catch Any Fish

Monday, August 17, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

UPDATE: My pal Bill has posted video of my catching, not “hooking” a fish.

In a post below I noted the spin on the president’s fishing trip.

Now that I have read the new numbers out from Rasmussen, it is easy to see why he might have been a little distracted.

People hate the plan, which is not surprising since it is a hard-left plan built on rationing, higher taxes and a massive increase of governmental intrusion into the lives of citizens.

So the president has to back away from the cliff without upsetting the Great Snarl that is the leftosphere. But now that seniors are in the game and turning on AARP and any politicians trying to cut Medicare, expect the retreat to continue –if opponents of a Canadian-style health care system keep up the heat.

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