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No Sale, Patrick

Thursday, July 26, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Patrick really want the GOP candidates to do a YouTube debate. Why not have them go in barrels over Niagara Falls –that would get a lot of interest as well?

What Patrick fails to see is that it isn’t about talking to people or being willing to connect with voters through new media. Both Giuliani and Romney –less so Thompson– have been very, very available to all sorts of people at stop after stop, and both do all sorts of media without preconditions. They answer all the questions.

What they are wise to avoid is a set-up ambush using gimmicks that separate the ambush from the planner. See my post below, but the YouTube formay allows nameless, faceless MSM lefties to hit below the belt and then shrug their shoulders and say “It wasn’t my question.”

The CNN YouTube debate was orchestrated by MSMers with no names and no accountability for the buffoonery that ensured. The GOP candidates skipping such a circus is not the same as the Democrats passing on a Fox News Channel debate moderated by Brit Hume and Chris Wallace, and I’d blast the GOPers if they skipped an MSNBC debate. In fact I’m all for letting Keith Olbermann moderate a debate of the GOPers because poor old Keith wouldn’t know what hit him. It isn’t about being willing to go anywhere and answer anything, it is about refusing to walk into a media box canyon where the anonymous MSMers will have had a few days to pick the best thirty body slams from tens of thousand of moonbat-generated videos. Would Patrick recommend the GOP candidates attend a YearlyKos sponsored and nutter-moderated debate? That’s what the YouTube Debate, GOP edition will be.

Running for president is supposed to show us that candidates are prudent, and the wise choice here is to say yes to every MSM debate, and no to gimmicks, no matter how appealing they are to the slackers and snowmen demographic.

If you are feeling ambitious this weekend, develop a YouTube hit question of the sort I am writing about here and send the link to me at Perhaps a few examples will spell it out for Patrick.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall is fulminating: “But if they can’t face Youtube how can they defeat the terrorists?” Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. Being stupid about media is a qualification to fight the war on terror. And tackling snowman videos measures leadership. Sheesh.

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