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Newsbusters Asks: Is Politico Tilting Left?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mark Finkelstein is on the case.

I suspect that the folks running Politico, like most MSM organizations, are in fact lefties.  Fair, balanced, and good-humored lefteis, but lefties. STILL, the flat management structure, thin but quality staffing and the model they are trying to build won’t allow them to go the way of MSM.  Much of MSM’s way left bias is simply the product of the numbers of lefties at work in the trenches and the accumulation of bias in all corners of a vast news organization.  Not even energized editors can battle back against a tide of bias flowing on a daily basis, and the lesser talents in a big organization don’t even care to hide their contempt for the center-right.

A start-up like Politco knows it must get it right or fail.  They want center-right eyeballs.  They need them too.  Mark’s right to keep a watch, but I suspect the Politico gang will work overtime to throttle bias.

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