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“New Media, New Activism and a New GOP: Newt and the NCPA”

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My new column is here. Take a few minutes please to use the activist tools embedded within it.

And from my Fair Tax Fantasy co-author Hank Adler comes this note titled “Do No Harm”:

Can we go back to the beginning on healthcare?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, almost 2500 years ago provided us with a baseline for healthcare:

“Above all, do no harm”

Whether it be in the U.S. House of Representatives or the United States Senate, no one could voice an honest argument that any of the current proposals to “fix” the healthcare program will “do no harm” to the hundreds of millions of insured Americans. Insured Americans know that behind the rhetoric is less care for them; This is reflected in the polling data. Whether it will be lack of access through policy or increased demand, currently insured Americans have nothing to gain and an enormous amount to lose through each plan presented to date.[# More #]

Rather than destroy a system which Americans believe delivers good care, why don’t we train more doctors and nurses, open many more clinics and try to serve more patients rather than increase demand without a remote idea, other than rationing, how to serve the public’s needs.

Expensive, sure. Trillions, no. Billions, maybe. But in this game, a few billion is pocket change.

Given what the Federal government believes it can do under these healthcare proposals, opening a couple dozen new medical schools should be child’s play. Training thousands of new registered nurses would be a walk in the park. And there are tens of thousands of individuals who would willingly enter these programs. Because there are so few medical schools and nursing schools available in the United States, these tens of thousands of students are likely “shovel ready”. And probably to the government’s amazement, most of them would be willing to pay for their education. (Yes, an enhanced loan program for students would be necessary, but these doctors and nurses would be able to repay their loans.) To increase the supply of doctors in the needed field, the government need require only that the students practice as family physicians for the first decade after they leave medical school.

More doctors and more nurses would result in more care for more people. Isn’t this the goal?


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