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Friday, October 28, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Professor Adler thinks I am way off the mark. Mere-Orthodoxy says bull’s-eye. K-Lo tags me as a “New York Times kind of conservative.” Howard Kurtz gives credit where credit is due.

Everyone can say it isn’t raining where they live, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t raining in a lot of places. Professor Adler needs to go back to The Corner’s archive, to October 3, and start reading. (I can’t find the Caligula’s horse post, but there are plenty of others that will make my point if he will simply read.) has plenty of similar evidence. There is much in the way of responsible analysis, of course, and there is a reality that this week’s publication of speeches which is cover for a lot of the neoBorking that happened prior to their publication.

But no fair reader who actually reviews what was written, said, and done over the past three-plus weeks will deny the neoBorking that occurred. It just isn’t possible to do so.

As for Matt Anderson’s question: A defeat on the Senate floor would have been painful, but also a constitutional result with many upside as clarity about who believes what is almost always a plus in a republic.

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