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Ned Lamont – The Perfect Senator for the Nutmeg State

Wednesday, August 9, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


Thanks to the intellectual generosity of the Hugh Hewitt audience, I now know why the good people of Connecticut decided to name themselves after a spice.

In days gone by, nutmeg was a valuable commodity. Apparently, Connecticut natives developed an inordinate amount of skill in carving chunks of wood to resemble nutmeg which, back in the days before preservatives, was worth considerably more than inert pieces of wood. Connecticut’s citizenry developed such a facility for this peculiar form of grifting that the state ultimately became known as the Nutmeg State. That’s the legend, anyway.

Given this piece of history regarding Connecticut, I’ve decided that Ned Lamont would be the perfect Senator to represent the Nutmeg state. Like the pieces of wood that Connecticut conmen used to try to pass of as nutmeg, Lamont is not as he seems, or as he wishes to be seen.

As is uniformly the case with multi-zillionaire populists, there’s a lot of hooey behind the Lamont shtick. While he claims to have long been obsessed with the plight of America’s poor and minorities, he jarringly maintained a membership at Greenwich’s super-tony haven for the finest WASPS, the Round Hill Club, until the campaign swung into high gear. No doubt Lamont developed a strong empathy for the downtrodden at Round Hill as they cleaned his golf spikes and picked up his shower towels.

Not that I have anything against private exclusive country clubs. Most Republicans don’t. But there was a well documented time when such an affiliation was a hanging offense in the eyes of the kind of progressive populist that Lamont now claims to be. But apparently Lamont gets a pass.

There’s a reason the left was willing to overlook Lamont’s feet of clay

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